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HKDA News Notice
  Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) - 10th Borneo Dental Congress and Trade Exhibition on 26th – 31st March, 2020
  National Qualification Examination (國家醫師資格考試) in the Mainland (application deadline: 21 January 2020)
  Press Release - Joint Declaration of Hong Kong Dental Association and Hong Kong Society of Orthodontists
  新聞稿 - 香港牙醫學會及香港矯齒學會聯合聲明
  Cancellation of HKDA Annual Ball 2019 & the update on Annual Ball 2020 schedule
  HKDA Appointment Book and Desktop Calendar 2020
  Annual General Meeting 2019
  Extraordinary General Meeting 2019
  Symposium by CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing on 12 December 2019
  26th Boilers & Pressure Vessels Safety Seminar
  Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2019
  Enrollment for Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Company Awards 2019
  Hospital Authority Convention 2019
  3.20 World Oral Health Day Kick-off Ceremony cum Carnival
  Support organ donation and register online now!
  National Qualification Examination (國家醫師資格考試) in the Mainland (application deadline: 28 January 2019)
  Questionnaire (from Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong) on Use of 2D and 3D diagnostic imaging and associated risks
  Government Vaccination Programme - Prevent Flu Get Vaccination
  FDI Policy Statements 2018
  Gazettal of the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance - Symposium on 19 and 26 January 2019 (registration deadline extended to 9 January 2019)
  Smoke-free run
  FMSHK Annual Scientific Meeting 2018 - "Medical Advances in Community Health" Registration form
  FMSHK Annual Scientific Meeting 2018 - "Medical Advances in Community Health" Poster
  Joint Professional Networking Event – Beyond the Stage of Cantonese Opera (13 October 2018)
  Early Closure of HKDA Secretariat Office on 24 September 2018
  Dental 88 Scientific Symposium
  21st HKSPRA Annual Scientific Meeting Flyer
  21st HKSPRA Annual Scientific Meeting Registration
  "Total ban on e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products" Briefing Sessions
  "Support to enact a total ban on e-cigarettes and other new tobacco products" Signatory Campaign
  Healthy Teeth Collaboration「護齒同行」
  Latest eNews Uploaded to HKDA Members’ Zone on 1 August 2018
For Professional
Medical / Drug Safety Alert  
•  Medical Device Safety Alert: DENTSPLY CANADA LTD. Product: A) Atlantis Abutments Titanium; B) Atlantis Abutment Gold-Shaded Titanium [Model or Catalog Number: A) 35502S; B) 35503S]  
•  Medical Device Safety Alert: Ethicon LLC ETHIBOND Extra Polyester Suture [Model or Catalog Number: X865H; Lot or Serial Number: PBQ797]  
•  Medical Device Safety Alert: Geistlich Pharma AG Geistlich Bio-Oss Pen (all available sizes) [REF numbers: 30661.1, 30662.1, 30671.1]  
•  Medical Device Safety Alert: Ningbo Haishu Life Medical Technology Co Ltd (Sponsored by NES Group Pty Ltd) Lafomed Premium B Class Autoclaves [8L, 12L, 18L & 23L Machines; Purchased between 1 March 20  
•  Medical Device Safety Alert: Zimmer Biomet [Sponsored by Biomet 3i LLC T/a Implant Innovations] 3.4mm Certain BellaTek Abutment, ILDAT3 [Lot Number: 8442688-1]  
•  Medical Device Safety Alert: Danville Materials A) Impression Material--StartVPS Heavy Flex (4Pack); B) Impression Material--StartVPS Clear Bit (4Pack) [Model number: A) 80013-01; B) 80015-01; Lot num  
•  Medical Device Safety Alert: Teething Necklaces, Bracelets, and Other Jewelry marketed for relieving teething pain or providing sensory stimulation  
Private Heathcare Facilities / Clinic Setting  
•  PPT on Practical Implication of Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance  
•  Guide to Infection Control In Clinic Setting  
•  Sharing Session on Healthcare Engineering and Infection Control in Clinic Settings  
•  Symposium on Healthcare Facilities Management  
For Public
The Prevention of Tooth Decay  
Tooth decay may lead to CAVITIES. It is the loss of tooth surface substance caused by germs (bacteria). Bacteria form a sticky layer over the tooth surfaces called PLAQUE. When sugar is ingested, the plaque bacteria convert sugar to acid. The acid may then dissolve the tooth surfaces resulting in cavities.  
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COSH Smoke-Free Run Cum Carnival on 13 January 2019