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The Dental Council of Hong Kong
The Dental Council of Hong Kong is established under the Dentists Registration Ordinance, Chapter 156, Laws of Hong Kong. The major roles of the Council are to regulate the dental profession in order to protect patients, foster ethical conduct, and develop and upkeep the ethical standard of the profession. The Dental Council is also responsible for the registration of dentists, conduct of the Licensing Examination, maintenance of ethics, professional standards and discipline of the profession.

Faculty of Dentistry, University of Hong Kong
It is the sole Faculty of Dentistry in Hong Kong and the only Dental Faculty in China with English being the medium of instruction.

The College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong
The College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong was incorporated in February 1993. Its main objectives are:
to promote for the public benefit the advancement of knowledge in the field of dental surgery and its associated subjects (dental surgery);
to act as an authoritative body for the purpose of consultation on matters of educational or public interest concerning dental surgery; and
to promote training and research in dental surgery.

Oral Health Education Unit, Department of Health
The Oral Health Education Unit of the Department of Health aims to promote oral health to the general public of Hong Kong. It strives to promote oral health to various sectors of the community through target specific oral health promotion programs and by disseminating oral health messages through different channels. It is committed to promote the awareness of oral health, oral hygiene practices and the proper use of oral health care services in Hong Kong.

Dental Clinics with General Public Sessions
The Government provides emergency dental services (for pain relief and extraction only) to the public at designated clinics. Please refer to the above website for the service hours and information of individual designated clinics.

Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA)
《內地與香港關於建立更緊密經貿關係的安排》下的開放措施 - 醫療服務
服務業對港澳開放在廣東先行先試 - 政策法規彙編